DATA:Scotland - Scotlands Data Community Conference.


Volunteers are an integral part of DATA:Scotland. They help the day run smoothly, ensure attendees have a positive experience and support the speakers to deliver their sessions.

Volunteering at DATA:Scotland

Why volunteer at DATA:Scotland?

  1. Volunteering is fun. Yes, it can be hard work and there are many different jobs to do. You will be part of a small dedicated team that makes the day a wonderful friendly experience.
  2. Volunteers are amazing people; they are the people that make the event special. They are most often people who are passionate about technology and community. This is an opportunity to work with these people.
  3. Being a volunteer is one of the easiest and best ways to meet our amazing speakers. You will be one of the people who will help them deliver their presentation.

What’s expected of volunteers

Before we talk about what you will be expected to do on the day, let’s be clear. You will not be expected to work all day. We do expect you to have some fun enjoy yourself, so you will have some time to do what want to do., and see sessions. The jobs we might ask you as volunteer to do are wide and varied, some jobs might just happen on the day which even we did not expect. That said there are various main jobs we do ask volunteers to do, and these include:

  • Room monitoring – This involves helping the speaker run their session, showing timecards, ensuring they have what they need. Generally making life easier and simple for the speaker.
  • Shepherding people around – Attendees need directions to find the correct rooms on the day, as it’s a large venue. You may be tasked with directing people to sessions.
  • Admin support – This can be things like registering attendees as they arrive, letting us know when rooms are full, and so on.
  • Ensuring everyone has a good time – You will be the first port of call for attendees who have questions. We will make sure you have all the info you need, and can easily contact the event team if needed.
Volunteering at DATA:Scotland

What do you get out of volunteering?

  • Thank you from the organisation team – We are a small team and we cannot be everywhere all the time. o you are also the people that our attendees are going to remember and those are the lasting memories which will the awesome event it is.
  • Guaranteed ticket for the event – No need to wonder if you will get to attend the event, your space is assured
  • Free limited edition t-shirt to keep – On the day we will give you a t-shirt, as a small thank you for volunteering, and also so our attendees know you to ask questions of or get some help from.

Is this something you might like to do? Then contact us. Don’t worry if you have not done this before. We will let you know what we expect you to do and give you all the support you need. We hold briefing calls with volunteers in the run up to the event day, and on the day you will know where to find the organisers at all times.